Monday, June 30, 2014

Whisper Diaper Pail

FTC disclosure: I received product(s) in exchange for post about the product. All opinions are my own

*I thought I had posted this one a while back, but, clearly, I was mistaken! Anyway, please let me introduce you to the best diaper pail ever! 

I had the chance to review one of the coolest diaper pails ever a few months ago. With both of my children, I never had a diaper pail for disposable diapers (I know, some of you are in shock. I have had several people tell me that they are a necessary item in the nursery). For me, not so much.  

Living in a two bedroom house, space is a rare commodity. So, I never really considered one. 

I also babysat for a couple whom had a Diaper Genie™. It kept the smell at bay, until you opened the container to put another diaper in. Yuck!  

The Whisper Diaper Pail is not unlike other diaper pails, in it's purpose, or in some of it's design aspects. (For example, it's white, like a lot of diaper pails).   

The Whisper Diaper Pail is very unique in other ways! It uses canisters of ODOGuard spray to keep smells at bay. Not only to cover the odor by coating the inside of the pail, but also traps the odor causing molecules. This spray is amazing!  It truly eliminates odor (not only did we test our product using dirty diapers, we also used it to toss away cigarette butts and ashes as well as doggie doo)! There was no odor from them when we opened the pail, only the light scent of the spray!

  • Locks (there are actually TWO)! One to lock the lid and another inside to prevent accidental overuse, from curious siblings!  

  • It's Hands Free! Just step on the foot pedal and drop the dirty diapers in!  

  • The BEST thing? (As if it could get any better) is that you can use REGULAR 8 gallon trash bags with it! No more special bags! EVER!
  • ODOGuard is California EPA VOC Standards compliant, smells fresh (without being fragrant/scented) and is also safe for pets and children!  
  • The Whisper Diaper Pail is also a recipient of the coveted NAPPA (National Parenting Publications Award)! 
  • Currently only sold on Amazon

Priced right in the mid-range for diaper pails, easy to use and  aesthetically pleasing, you can't go wrong! This would definitely make the perfect baby shower present! 

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

House Rules

FTC disclosure: I received products in exchange for post about the product. All opinions are my own.  

These tree wall enhancements are adorable!  

They're cute and perfect for a wide variety of places in any home! 

I have a friend whom is having a baby girl soon and her favorite is the Colorful 
Tree Cartoon Animals, which you can buy: here.  

I really love the idea of using wall art to do something unique and creative like using the decorations to make a family tree! 

How cute would that be? 

There are so many more cute designs, check them all out here!  

I received the "House Rules" wall art design. I really like it. It 's definitely a conversation starter. I get a lot of compliments on it!   

House Rules as it is intended to look on the website.

It is large and it took myself and my husband to put it up!  

It was crinkled and crumpled so badly, that at first, my husband and I did not actually know what  was in it! (Unfortunately I was not able to get a picture of the packaging. We were so intrigued by what it could have been)! 

Here we were, trying to apply the clear backing, so that we could then remove it, so that it could be applied to the wall. Can you see the crinkles on the paper and  well as all the letters and words left behind?

It did NOT come with instructions. Every order is supposed to come with them (according to their own FAQ page on their website, which can be found here: here)

 It gets worse! I have never had a decal that came with the letters separate from the vinyl backing (the clear sticky part). Most of the time (in my experience), they are attached and you rub the whole thing on the wall, and then slowly peel back to reveal your new decoration. Not only was this NOT the case, but, the backing was too short for the lettering. I had to peel and apply the rest by hand!  

Here is a letter splitting in half, despite our best efforts to go very, very slowly.

There are words missing and letters split in half because of the decal and the backing being separate and so damaged.  

More wrinkles, crinkles and rips.

These decals are very pretty on the website. They are very nice when applied to your walls, however, it was so much work (when I say work, what should have taken twenty minutes took about two hours, instead). Work that was necessary if the decoration was packaged in some type of tube, rolled and in one piece. One correctly sized piece!

It was so much work, so very damaged and not the quality that I expected it to be. I will never order another product from them again!  

Here is the finished product. The letters on the bottom are so uneven, because I had to put them on individually. Where it says "Give Kisses", right above, it should say "Hugs".  
As I said, it does garner compliments and is definitely a conversation starter. But, perhaps not with the conversation it should have.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fun in the sun with SwimZip UV Swimwear!

FTC disclosure: I received products in exchange for post about the product. All opinions are my own.

I am in love with Swim Zip swimwear!

SwimZip, as seen on "SharkTank", makes UPF50+ swimwear for kids and adults. There are lots of companies that make clothes that are meant to protect you from the suns harmful rays. Many of them are great companies, with great products. What struck me with SwimZip was the company's founder, Betsy's story. The reason she created SwimZip.

At only 26 years old, Betsy was diagnosed with skin cancer. (I am actually having something looked at, for suspicion of skin cancer. I am also, 26 years old. Her story resonates with me, at the moment). She took her diagnosis and changed her reaction into an amazing product, that will benefit her children and many others. What an amazing inspiration! She is definitely a Mommy on a mission to keep kids sun safe, now, I am too!

For my review, I received a boy's "Crabby Pants" swim set, comprised of swim trunks and top. They provide 50+ UPF protection and also protect from 98% of UVB and UVF rays. That is amazing and, unlike sunscreen, no need to reapply!

SwimZip Crabby Pants

I was a little worried, that in the hot, humid heat of my state's climate, that my little dude would be too hot in his outfit. I thought that he would want to take the top off. He didn't he loved it! It's very easy to wear, (there is no need to pull this one over the head, it just zips). It's lightweight and breathable (made from spandex and nylon). The trunks are polyester.

Dozer in his SwimZip Crabby Pants! He was having a blast!

He had so much fun wearing his crabby pants, he definitely wasn't crabby while wearing them! Everyone loved how cute he looked! They kept asking where I got his outfit from!

Dozer getting ready to throw a sponge!

I wish I had a SwimZip outfit! Comfy, cool and cute all in one? Yes, please!

They do make men's and women's outfits, in case you were wondering.

I could see myself in this!

SwimZip is really affordable, too. At $29.99 for kids and $39.99 for kids, you can't beat it!

You can, of course, visit their website and and connect with them via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Modern Mommy

Tumble Leaf

*I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Amazon Studios. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and promotional item to thank me for participating.

Tumble Leaf is an adorable, unique and imaginative show from Amazon Studios (Tumble Leaf first debuted on Amazon Prime Instant Video on May 23rd 2014. You can watch the first episode here → Tumble Leaf on Amazon Instant Video).


Tumble Leaf is a blue fox, with lots of colorful and fun friends. His best friend is Stick, a caterpillar. Other friends include chickens, a hedgehog and a polar bear named Maple, as well as many more!

Tumble Leaf was designed to develop imaginative thinking and creative play in children. The show has been tested to ensure that meet this goal.

Tumble Leaf is created using stop animation!   What is really amazing is that every detail is made by human hands. While it may be a laborious endeavor, it is unique and very detailed. I find it a refreshing choice in a world where CGI is the norm. I think that it shows how much the creators care about their product.

Fig is an adventurous fox, and his adventures always start at "The Finding Place". He finds something new there every time! He finds a kite, a ball, a bucket, a sponge and much more. Using critical thinking skills, science and imagination, Fig discovers something new about the object and it's relationship in his world.

Tumble Leaf is cute, funny and very creative. I like that research and testing went into creating something that my children enjoy.

Tumble Leaf is geared towards preschoolers, aged 2-5. I found this rating very accurate. My three year old was much more interested than my six year old. My three year old was very excited when Fig found something and was laughing throughout the whole show. It has definitely encouraged him to ask more questions!

Overall, I found Tumble Leaf to be a bright, delightful and engaging show for my preschooler!

Would your kids like to explore with Tumble Leaf? They just released a FREE app! Get it here: Tumble Leaf App

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

HomeRight SteamMachine Plus

*Disclosure: I received a product(s) in exchange for a post about the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I love to clean! I am absolutely obsessed with it! I especially love to use my HomeRight SteamMachines! (Thats right, there is now more than one product in the SteamMachine line up)!

I really like my SteamMachine Multi-Purpose Power Steamer. I use it for so much! Steaming my bathroom, kitchen, window sills, shelves, cabinets....

I think I may have even killed my microwave using it (We'll reserve judgement, as a jar of Nutella is also suspect. I cannot prove it was the steamer that ended the microwave's life. It is just a suspicion, no need to put it on trial yet).

You can even use the Power Steamer it for steaming wallpaper off of walls (which is much easier than scraping it off by hand) or steaming clothes! It is a very versatile and useful tool!

SteamMachine Multi-Purpose Power Steamer
But, I think that the new HomeRight SteamMachine Plus is, by far, my FAVORITE! It is amazing for doing floors, which, with a four month old puppy and kids, I clean way more often than window sills or steaming clothes.

HomeRight Steam Machine Plus

It comes with all sorts of  unique attachments, such as grill cleaning attachments and one that allows you to clean carpets! You can use it on linoleum, vinyl (both of which I have in my home), as well as hard wood and tile floors.

It heats up quicker than the Power Steamer, in only 40 seconds as opposed to 8 minutes (of course, it also has a much smaller water tank). However, I have used both for around 4 hours at a time and have not run out of steam (pun intended).

I love that it disconnects from it's base, if you decide that you need to steam something other than the floor.

I like that it also has a place for the cord to wrap up, the water tank detaches). This thing is amazing at getting to the messes and stains on the floor! The various attachments make it easy to switch to all sorts of tasks, all without using chemicals to clean!

I love that it kills all sorts of germs, from e-coli to Staphylococcus. It gets to 205°F!

The price is really reasonable, for a steamer, it retails for $124.99.

It's a sweet, germ killin', lean cleaning machine!

Modern Mommy 

Cape Clogs

*Disclosure: I received  products in exchange for a post about the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Girls need so many more shoes than boys, I guess I am feeding a future addiction to Manolo Blahniks!

My Princess needs dress shoes, sneakers, formal sandals and flip-flops. While I could go to Payless, or even a local retailer of some brand, Princess has a favorite shoe brand already.

Cape Clogs are by far her fave! She loves the look of them, the unique fashion and all the compliments she receives.

These are the White Blossom sandals by Cape Clogs! Aren't they cute?

I have to say, (I received a pair of clogs from this company a few years ago and sadly grew out of them during pregnancy with 'Dozer), I found them a little weighty. Princess loves them and runs around in them, just like any other shoe.

The leather is so supple. Even the wood has an almost soft quality to it. It's very smooth.

The price of these shoes is NOT Payless cheap, at $50.00 (USD) they are, however, comparable to a pair of designer sneakers.  For the quality, the fact that they are handmade, the price can't be beat!

No matter the price, nothing beats the smile on her face when she is wearing her Cape Clogs!

Modern Mommy

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sign My T-Shirt!

Sign My T-Shirt is an amazing company! I love the concept, create a personalized t-shirt, have your friends and family virtually sign it and Voila! You have an creative, unique and fun shirt for all occasions!

My dad had a stroke recently, and it was an eye opener. It reminded him, to take it easy and to be more health conscious and it reminded me that we do not have as good of a relationship as I would like us to have. It's loving, however, I live far away from most of my family and life has a way of getting away from us.

Father's Day is approaching and I wanted to give him a gift as unique and special as he is!

Enter Sign My Shirt!

It was super easy and fun to make a t-shirt! Here is a video, just in case you want to see how easy it really is!  

It was so fast and simple, I did a "Father's Day" theme, complete with kids and grandkids signatures. It's so cute!

I picked the t-shirt size, color fit. Then I picked my text (color and font), any pictures (I ended up not using any) and then saved my design. I then invited family and friends to sign. It was so easy!

I created my own poem for the back.

I think he will be pleasantly surprised when he opens his mail! I think he will love the time, thought and uniqueness of the gift.

I love the  innovative concept behind this cool company!   Great gifts for any occasion, a great price and an awesome product!

Get signing!

Modern Mommy