Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Osmo Pizza and Numbers! Yum!

Technology and education, they can't possibly go hand in hand, can they?

50 years ago, even 15 years ago, I do not believe that it was expected or even thought of as a possibility that technology would be so ingrained in our daily lives or in our education system.

Technology is not only at the forefront of our future, the possibility for positive impact in our children's lives is astounding. From adaptive technology to engaging educational technology, the possibilities to create meaningful digital engagement is limitless.

Parents and educators are always on the lookout for new, fun and innovative technology. More than ever children are using technology earlier in their lives, both in the home and at school.

I want to introduce you to an amazing and innovative technology, Osmo.

Osmo is a trademark of Tangible Play, Inc. Their logo is Play Beyond the Screen. They are truly bridging the gap between the physical and the digital.

Osmo has several different games available, from coding and letters to drawing and math. They are all exceptional, however, I am going to discuss two math related games with you.

The first is a game called Pizza Co. You can buy it as a kit (with the game, pieces, and Osmo Base) or you may buy just the game (pieces included). The game is priced at $39 (USD) and the kit is $58 (USD).

Pizza Co is an innovative game. It teaches a variety of math related skills; mental math, fractions, business concepts and non-verbal communication skills.It also teaches addition and subtraction.

The game is played by Osmo animals placing orders and children make the pizza based upon their requests, collect payment and count back change. I think that this fun approach to math really challenges children in a fun and non-overwhelming format.

The next game is named simply and aptly, Numbers. Numbers can also be bought as either individually, at $29 (USD) or as a kit with the Osmo Base, at  $48 (USD).

Numbers is a fun and simple! Players use tiles to match their screen, when they do, the bubbles on the screen POP! Simple and satisfying!

Numbers teaches counting, addition, subtraction and multiplication. Numbers teaches and helps children retain basic math skills.

Osmo has a variety of products available. You should go check them out at playosmo.com!

Osmo has also won several awards, including the Family Choice Award, 2015 and the Oppenheim Toy Platinum Award, 2016, just to name a few.

I look forward to more from this innovative company!