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Team Modern Mommy Reviews

                                Hello Dear Readers,

     My name is Stephanie. I have 2 awesome kids, who shall be referred to as  'Dozer (as in Bulldozer) and Princess to protect their privacy. Princess is 10 and Dozer is 6. I also have a stepson, he is 12. For now, we will call him Big Brother. I am married and it is a roller coaster! We've been married since September 26, 2008.
 I  enjoy spending time with my kids and my hubby, reading, blogging, scrap booking, writing. I am a twin, I am also an adoptee! (I was adopted when I was 16).  

I became interested in writing a blog when I saw that a friend had a blog where they tested and reviewed products. Her blog is Real Mom Reviews! I have always enjoyed writing and I thought it would be a good opportunity for my family! So far it has both provided challenges and rewards!

Modern Mommy (Me)
My husband (the first and only time I have ever seen him in a suit, btw)

The kiddos
We also have two adorable pets,  Mayden and Saki.

   Any questions, just leave a comment or contact me at modernmommyreviewsblog@gmail.com !