Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tinkle Tee Pees for the lil' Wee Wee!

Earlier, I did a post about the wonderful invention of Pee Pee Teepees by Beba Bean. And, well....I still love my Beba Bean Teepees. But, I have graduated to bigger and better things....You see, DS already being a big boy at birth (he tipped the scales at 10 lbs. and 5 oz. and 20 inches), is only getting larger. (Duh, right?)
Beba Bean Teepee vs. Twinkle TeePee!
    So I have encountered a problem....My teepees are too small and I am at risk of getting *gasp* peed on! So, what is a Modern Mommy to do? I went right to the trusty old PC and found a great shop on Etsy.com! There I found "Tinkle TeePees for the lil' Wee Wee"! They are just like Beba Bean's, only better! 
    They are cone shaped and the same principle applies, just place over baby's lil' wee wee and proceed! They are just the right size and will be for probably the entire time DS is in diapers!
The whole set (6) in Owl motif!
     They are so cute! Unlike Beba Bean's teepees, the ones from "The lil' Twinkle Star Boutique" can be made in whatever pattern your heart desires! And, I cannot stress this enough, they fit over lil' man's whole "package"! Even DD was thrilled with these, she insisted that I try every one in one diaper change! 
      They are also reasonably priced, a set of 6 is only $10.00 (USD) plus $3.00 shipping!
      I know that you may be reluctant to go off the mainstream and buy something that is not from Target.com, but I PROMISE you will not be dissappointed!
      Here is a link for Tinkle Teepees:
      She also has a boutique for girls! Lots of cute accesories and Tutus, too!


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