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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011 (Just Add Handprints)!

  Father's Day Present? My husband is not a suit and tie kind of guy, so finding the right Father's Day gift on a budget? Not the easiest task. I
looked at all kinds of department stores and nothing really caught my
eye...tools, ties, grills and games....
 One night, this Modern Mommy sat by the computer blankly, until the
proverbial light bulb lit up above my head! Etsy.com!
 I found Jennifer's shop, A Lil' Bitta Everything. She had the cutest little
boy onesies (she's concentrating on boys stuff right now, because she
feels there is a lack of cute things for boys. I agree)! Jennifer started her
shop to be able to be a Stay At Home Mommy. She also makes Thank you cards, iron on appliques and
 I picked out a canvas for the Hubs. Jennifer aptly describes the canvas:
Daddy and Me Wall Hanging. Just add handprints. 
 She is very accomidating, allowing you to make changes and request
different images than what is shown!
 One day while Hubs was working, Princess,Tater and I added the finishing
touches. Princess added her hanprint, name and age. I tried to add Tater's
handprint, but he was being uncooperative, so we went with a footprint! (I
did retouch the pictures, just to remove the kids names and our address
on the Fed-Ex box. Privacy, Dear Readers).
Hubs opening his gift!

 Hubs was suprised when he
opened his gift! He hung it right up!   
 The custom canvas is a steal! Only $18.00 (USD) plus $7.00 shipping. 

This is the most unique Father's Day present we have ever given Hubs!
 So for a unique Father's Day present: Love + Children + A Lil' Bitta Every
Thing + Handprints = Unforgettable Father's Day!
 Here is a link, as always! www.etsy.com/ALilBittaEverythingShop.com


  1. Such a beautiful idea! I love Jeni's shop- there are so many cute things out there for girls, and I like seeing additional options for boys!

    I love your blog! I'm over at www.sweetcsdesigns.com

  2. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
    Have a nice day!