Sunday, August 7, 2011


Tater after his bath! Modern Mommy's thoughts? "Please don't pee on me, please don't pee on me!" and "Wow, you smell great!"

He was all warm and cozy from his bath, smelled great, too! I used the Johnson's™ Calming Lavender Baby Wash. (Pssst.....Don't tell my kids, but, it REALLY works)! I use it on Tater every bath and sometimes on Princess when she's in a really rowdy crabby mood before bed! Just sniffing the stuff makes me calmer. I was thinking, as they get older, maybe I can just place Lavender scented stuff around the house? (or maybe I can buy it in bulk and sneak it in their shampoos? Hey, I need all the help I can get when they hit their teenage years)!
His towel is too big for him, when I first carried him, the hood covered his eyes and it was sooo funny! He kept moving his head all around, as if to say "Hey! Who turned out the lights?" I couldn't help but laugh at poor Tater!  
What a great way to end a Sunday!

Modern Mommy