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Friday, November 18, 2011

Lakeshore Learning’s Great Gifts for Kids Sale

I love Lakeshore Learning! I admired their products for a long time, having used their products often for babysitting, and was just recently presented with the opportunity to review for them.

They have a wonderful Great Gifts for Kids Sale going on, from art supplies, science projects and our favorite at Modern Mommy’s house: the Little Hands Kitchen Set! They have so much more! For all ages and stages! From infancy to pre-teens, from household to classrooms.  
lakeshore learing set
The Little Hands Kitchen Set, perfect for lil' hands, just as the name implies! Oh, and there's the happy toast!
Princess and Tater loved this so much! They loved the lights and sounds! They loved the happy toast and how it popped up. Princess just loves the blender, she liked making smoothies, milkshakes and lots of other concoctions her imagination created. Tater really liked the tea kettle. He even learned how to press the button to make it work! Just the right size for little hands, just as the name implies, but works well for a range of ages! 

I was partial to the little toaster. I loved the happy little toast, and how it worked like a jack-in-the-box (except not frightening. Does anyone else remember them being a bit scary?)
Making Mommy a smoothie!
Neither child wanted to stop playing in their play kitchen with these new appliances! 
Not sure what they were doing in the box, besides blending something yummy!
We love our set so much! The set is on sale now for $19.95, it is usually $29.95. The age range for the “My Little Kitchen Set” is 18 months- 4 years). (Again, I used parental discretion and allowed Tater to play with the set, under my supervision).

Lakeshore Learning has so much more to offer than just the cute little kitchen set. As I said, I used a lot of their materials for babysitting and for teaching Princess. Along with the Little Hands Kitchen Set, I really love the Dot Art Painters, Magnetic Color Maze.
With their Great Gifts for Kids Sale going on, now is the perfect time to buy from Lakeshore Learning, whether online or at one of their great locations! 
                         Modern Mommy *Disclosure: Although I received free product from Lakeshore Learning, the opinions reflected here are my own and was not influenced by the company or free product.


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