Monday, December 19, 2011

NORAD Santa Tracker!

Do you know what Santa is doing right now? We at Modern mommy Reviews do.....
Do you know how much time is left before Santa comes? 
There are exactly: 4 Days, 3 Hours, 9 minutes and 16 seconds (and counting)!
I have been tracking Santa since Princess was about 2 years old. She loves it! We have all sorts of traditions, including feeding the reindeer, baking all sorts of goodies and (of course) tracking Santa!
This year, on NORAD's Santa site, you can play games, watch video of Santa's 2010 run and track Good St. Nick using Google Earth. 
Want to know how fast Santa's sleigh is? Are your kids into facts? (Princess is certainly all about them).
Here are some cool facts from NORAD, all about Santa's sleigh...

Sleigh Technical Data

Designer & BuilderK. Kringle & Elves, Inc.
Probable First FlightDec. 24, 343 A.D.
Home BaseNorth Pole
Length75 cc (candy canes) / 150 lp (lollipops)
Width40 cc / 80 lp
Height55 cc / 110 lp
Note: L
Length, width and height are without reindeer
Weight at takeoff75,000 gd (gumdrops)
Passenger weight at takeoffSanta Claus 260 pounds
Weight of gifts at takeoff60,000 tons
Weight at landing80,000 gd (ice & snow accumulation)
Passenger weight at landing1,260 pounds
PropulsionNine (9) rp (reindeer power)
ArmamentAntlers (purely defensive)
FuelHay, oats and carrots (for reindeer)
Climbing speedOne “T” (Twinkle
of an eye)
Max speed

Here is the link for NORAD's Santa tracker:
Faster than starlight


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