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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Artistic Sensations

I was searching for creative and unique décor for Princess’ room. I found a whole bunch of things to accentuate her room. However, one of Princess’ favorite things was a sleeping bag. (Guess who won that one? Mom: 0, Princess: 1).
 Artistic Sensations has a wide variety of décor, bedding and items for kids rooms.
Artistic Sensations was created by Kim Gellman, in the ‘90s. As a mom of two boys, when she realized that creating the "perfect" kids dream room was not at all as easy as she had imagined.
There is so much that I want from Artistic Sensations for my kids’ rooms! 
What we received a beautiful sleeping bag by Swankie Blankie, from Artistic Sensations.
sleeping bag
The sleeping bag!

It is a pink (minky fabric), with a silky inner lining that is brown with colored dots. It is the most beautiful sleeping bag I have ever seen! It is also very, very soft (on the outside. Remember the conversation we had about everything I own becoming minky? I wish)!
Watching t.v, on the floor.
I tried Princess’ sleeping bag out for myself (if I can, I try anything that we receive, because I will never let the kids have something that I would not use for myself). It was very warm and comfy…(So much so, I kind of wished it was mine)! 
Princess sharing her views on her sleeping bag. I also asked her to say she loved it, but, only because I know she loves it! (FYI: The sleeping bag neither glows in the dark and is not made of spider silk. She was being silly!)
Princess loves this bag so much, she sleeps in it every night! I mean Every. Single. Night!….She claims it glows (it does not, I think that is just a “fear of the dark” coping mechanism).
Princess has just one complaint. She wishes that Mommy would not unzip it and turn it into a blanket!
If you want the most fabulous, fashionable and fresh décor, furniture, bedding (and a wide variety of other items) for your child’s bedroom, please check out : http://www.artisticsensations.com/ and don’t forget to stop by their Facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/#!/ArtisticSensationsStore
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