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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Morphology is probably the most hilarious, zany and innovative game I have ever played! It was a blast! 

It is all about creativity, imagination and “out-of-the-box” thinking. (You had better get your thinking caps on when you play this one)! 

Speaking of thinking, Morphology has won some pretty impressive accolades, including:
  • Teacher’s Choice Award for the Family 2012
  •   TIME’s # 2 Top Toy of the Year 2010
The awards are impressive in their own right. I love a game that sparks the imagination, is fun and is a teaching tool all rolled in one! (Shhhh!….Don’t tell the kids)!

With just a few objects, you must create a word in 3D. The object is to be the first team to reach the Final Lily Pad. (Your game piece is a variety of frogs). You roll the die and whatever you roll, tells you what to do. For example roll a 2: Eyes closed. Roll a 4: String only! 
Some of the objects include:
  • Plastic cubes
  • String (There is even a part where you can only use string to make your word. This was the hardest part for all of us)! 
  • Wooden people 
  • Glass beads
Sound easy? It’s not, necessarily. However, easy does not always equate fun. We had so much fun trying to play this game. My mother-in-law was the most fun to watch playing Morphology (wish you could have seen her try to do it while following all the rules, like keeping her eyes closed). 
Thinking hard!

There are both “Easy” and “Hard” words to choose from, to make it friendly for the entire family. Even Princess had fun playing, even though it is recommended for ages 13+. 

Princess lining the beads up.
The results? A campfire!


Morphology reminded me of Cranium™ games. It is quick and full of fun. I liked the challenge in thinking about what you wanted to convey and how to do so. 

I have just one teeny, tiny complaint about Morphology. The string was packaged really well, and was rather prone to staying in the shape it was packaged in. (Something that should be remedied by playing Morphology some more, which we plan on doing)!  
Can you guess what it is?

Morphology is truly the most fun game I have ever played! It is definitely a new favorite in our house and I think it will be for years to come. I keep trying to think of a game that truly compares to this game and honestly, I can’t. It was so much fun! It is so different from any game you have ever played!

Also, I wanted to address pricing and availability. Morphology is priced on www.morphologygames.com for $29.99 (USD), a more than reasonable rate for a board game. It is available at: Barnes & Noble as well as Marbles the Brainstore. What I thought was unique, is that if you want a particular store to carry it, all you have to do is download, print and fill out a form from the website and give it to the store manager.

Have a family game night! If you want to check out Morphology, please check their website: http://morphologygames.com/

                     Have a fun family game night!
                               Modern Mommy


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