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Friday, March 23, 2012

Knot Genie

Most of my reviews are all about unique products that improve our lives. The Knot Genie is no exception!

Princess dislikes to have her hair brushed. She stomps and is quite disagreeable about the whole thing. What happens when you don't brush hair? It gets even more knotted and gnarled than before (apparently, this logic is lost on Princess).

We have had a wide array of brushes and combs. She complains about them all. I found the most unique solution I could!

The Knot Genie

I can't say that it was an immediate success. It was not. Princess said that the hard plastic bristles hurt her head. I think they should make a version that has silicone bristles, something that wouldn't hurt, but, that would also not cause a major case of the fuzzies. 
Princess using the Knot Genie!

I, however, had a lot of success with the Knot Genie. My hair is very, very thick. (I can even get the Knot Genie to stay in my hair...without holding it)! I liked the bristles, to me, it felt like it was massaging my head.
Messed up hair, courtesy of Hubs, because he thought you would enjoy this sight!

My hair all smooth and fuzzie-less, thanks to Knot Genie!

Even Tater likes his hair brushed with the Knot Genie. He will bring it to me or he will *try* to brush his hair.

Using it in mine and Princess' hair when it was wet was so easy! Normally, they reccomend using a comb in wet hair, but that doesn't seem to get all the knarls that results from shampooing. This is really important to me, because, I style hair immediately after her bath.

Overall, I really, really like the Knot Genie. If there was one thing I could change, it would be to make one just for people with fine hair that had softer bristles, with out getting the fuzzies. (Perhaps made of silicone?)

Do you wish you had a Knot Genie of your own? Wish Granted! As part of a celebration of reaching 100 Fans on Facebook, I will be giving away 1 Knot Genie to one lucky reader!
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