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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Mommy Hook

I am all about things that make life easier for myself and my family.

I have a problem that I am sure almost everyone of you have encountered....Where to put your purse, diaper bag, reusable grocery bags when your kids are in the shopping cart? Poor Tater, I used to pile all these things around him.....

Then, I found "The Mommy Hook". One of the the simplest and perhaps greatest inventions ever. (Necessity really is the mother of invention)!

It has made shopping and walking with the stroller so much easier. (We have also had contests to see who could put more bags on the hook)! It's all about spacing and organization people! You can tell who won, right? Poor Hubbs, he never had a chance!!
DSCN0487   DSCN0488
I love The Mommy Hook! It is so nice to have a place for everything. I like that my purse is out of reach from the kids, especially since Princess loves to lavishly apply my makeup! Speaking of purses, my mother-in law has used the mommy hook to protect her purse from potential purse snatchers.

The Mommy Hook comes in a variety of colors. It is made of steel, with a rubber grip to keep it from sliding. What a very simple, yet necessary item. You will ask yourself how you ever did without it….I have even been stopped in the store by parents asking about it! 

You can buy The Mommy Hook at: www.themommyhook.com, as well as various retailers, including: Wal-Mart, Babies’ R’ Us and Bed, Bath and Beyond.
          The Mommy Hook has been like having an extra hand. Do you ever wish you had an extra hand or two? 
                            Modern Mommy