Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Nappers

happy napper unicorn
“They're Happy, Happy Nappers, and they love to play with you! They' re Happy, Happy Nappers, they'll make all your dreams come true! Zip 'em, pop 'em, squeeze and hug them. They will always know you love them! You can be a Happy Napper, too!”

Sound familiar? In my house, this is sang every time the Happy Nappers™ commercial comes on the t.v!

Princess has wanted, begged and pleaded for one of these creatures for ages. 

Now, she finally has one….and she is overjoyed. It’s been dubbed “Princess Celestia” (as is every unicorn item that enters her possession, at the moment)!
2012-05-01 15.16.59
Unzipping for the first time!
2012-05-01 15.18.16
Tucked in for a nap!
2012-05-01 15.19.24
It must go to sleep in it’s home at night, so that she can press the doorbell to hear it sleeping, snoring away! 

She can’t get enough of this cute little contraption!

I have to say….Mommy is getting just a little tired of turning this little creature in and out of it’s house!

Now for the nitty gritty details:

On the site it’s a cool $14.99 (USD) for one of the Happy Nappers™. Great low price, for a good quality mass produced item.

They are cute and thus far, the Happy Napper has been slept with, drug around, stepped on, and turned in and out more times than I care to count! 

If you want a Happy Napper, here’s the link: (Use this link to get the $14.99 price)! Do you want Free Shipping? Here is the code for that: SPECIAL4U!  
They are Happy, Happy Nappers……
                           Modern Mommy


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