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Thursday, July 19, 2012

On a Wick and a Prayer

I wish I had them all!

I love to make my house smell good! I cannot stand the smell of certain foods my husband cooks! Beef Stew (Yuck)! Once, he even fried cabbage. It smelled like burnt skunk. (Not sure how he managed that one, my Mom cooks it wonderfully).
One day my husband went outside to find a small package in our mail box. It smelled spectacular! When We looked at the address, we knew why! It was from On a Wick and a Prayer, all the way from the UK! 
2012-07-02 13.38.26
My Original Wax Bars, smelling yummy!
We were sent three lovely scents to try:
  • Geranium & Patchouli:  A lovely light green color, with a floral scent. I did not like this one at all! To me, it was a very heavy scent, kind of like an old ladies house! However, Hubs loved this one! He said that it had the most subtle scent….To each their own, I suppose.

  • Elderflower & Vetivert: White. This one has a light, floral scent. To me it was fresh, like a spring morning. Hubs hated this one! He said it smelled like soap, Dove or Ivory! I liked this one, it was the lightest scent (to me). It was like fresh laundry. This was Princess’ favorite.

  • Hot Toddy: This one was my absolute FAVORITE!! Hot Toddy (in case you didn’t know, and I did not) is: is typically a mixed drink made of liquor and water with sugar and spices and served hot. Sounds delish, right? Well, it smells just like that. Warm, sweet, cinnamon-y and just like Christmas! I love it. I have been using in my warmer non-stop! 
2012-07-02 14.06.40
My warmer, warming Hot Toddy! Ahhh! I really wish you could smell this....
I really like the bar/warmer scent solution for my home. I did not use a tea light warmer, like the company suggests. Perhaps I should have, because I think my scent bars would have lasted longer. My warmer is an electric cheapie from Wal-Mart…On a Wick and a Prayer’s website, they do offer an assortment of reed diffusers, tea light warmers and most importantly (IMO) yummy scented bars! (Warning: though they may smell delish, DO NOT consume your scented bar. On a Wick and a Prayer are not responsible for the results of anyone ingesting said scented bar).

On A Wick and a Prayer have been making their own unique style of scented pillar candles for 15 years! They have developed their exclusive range of fragrances especially for these candles. Wax bars have been a welcome and relatively recent addition. All genuine On a Wick and a Prayer candles are impressed with the company stamp to identify them as genuine.  

I love On a Wick and a Prayer, and I’m sure you will too! They are a truly lovely and personal company. They have the perfect candles, scent bars and tea lights for anyone wanting to make their home a more warm and inviting space! 
     Modern Mommy


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