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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Snuggin Go Too

My poor baby. Every time we take a long trip…He falls asleep. And every time, he slumps forward. Or sideways. People would tell me to roll up towels or receiving blankets to support him. (I didn’t see that lasting long, what a pain in the butt! ). It also didn't last long because the towels or blankets would get smooshed or moved. 

Slumping isn’t just a comfort issue. It is a safety issue. It can cause respitory issues. 
snuggin go too
Snuggin Go was invented by Beth Rumack, a NNP (Neonatal Practitioner)with years of experience teaching parents of premature and term infants how to position their babies in car seats using rolled blankets and towels. These impromptu solutions often rolled out of position or were hard to maintain for parents over time. The result was unsafe seating position for young babies.

In 2004, when Beth’s daughter was born weighing only 6 pounds, Beth took it upon herself to design the Snuggin Go® to correctly and easily position premature and term newborns in their seats.

I liked Snuggin Go right away, because it helped Dozer to be more comfortable.

However, what I really want to address is what it can do for kiddos with special needs.
The Snuggin Go can be used for a variety of conditions, including: Scoliosis (they can add lumbar support for infants & children with lower spine curvature), too. Acid Reflux, torticollis (baby favors leaning head to one side), poor muscle tone such as down syndrome or neuromuscular disorders.
snuggin go before and after
 It works with a lot of car seats. I was really worried, because we have an Alpha and Omega Elite car seat. (I hate it! It’s bulky, heavy and hard to move around when you need to). However, it worked beautifully with the Alpha and Omega car seat as well as our stroller (a Jeep Wrangler Umbrella) and the neighbor’s car seat (a Graco SnugRide Click to Connect 40).

Oh, and just so you know, Snuggin Go isn’t just for car seats, you can use it in bouncers, strollers, high chairs, wheel chairs and so much more!

You can get add ons, such as a lower lumbar support bar and an optional leg rest.  They also come in a variety of colors! You can also order matching strap covers. The fabric is really soft, too! It’s that lovely minky fabric that I’m always telling you all about!

You can also order the Snuggin Go with every purchase of a Joovy Stroller. 
Just click here → http://www.joovy.com/search.aspx?searchterm=snuggin+go
Snuggin go colors

Also, the Snuggin Go (for infants) and the Snuggin Go Too (toddlers) are crash tested and approved. 
The Snuggin Go is a terrific product! It will truly make a positive impact in your child’s comfort. 
                     Modern Mommy


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