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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dino Lingo: Spanish DVD

Princess loves languages. She is exceptionally bright, and excels at many different things, one of them being language. (I suppose that comes from her momma, I wanted to study linguistics. I am fluent in German). I taught her very early on to count and speak in German, Spanish and French (and of course English).

When she was about two, the only television she watched was PBS and the language teasers on our local cable company's "on demand". To this day, she still loves to watch those language videos. 

When I first encountered Dino Lingo, I thought it would be a great way to reinforce the skills Princess has, while introducing new words and concepts to both Princess and Dozer. 

As soon as I recieved the Spanish DVD in the mail, we all wanted to watch it. 

Princess loved it (it was the Animals dvd). Dozer loved watching it, I think for the pictures and whatnot, as he has yet to say anything in Spanish.

It has become the requested DVD when we visit friends, especially one of Princess' closest friends, Lissy Lou Who*.   Lissy Lou Who is partially Costa Rican and loves Dora. She likes to learn Spanish, I think it makes her feel closer to her heritage.

The results from Dino Lingo have varied. All four kiddos: Princess, Dozer, Lissy Lou Who and her sister, Cindie Lou Who have all watched it several times. There have been varying degrees of success. Lissy Lou and Princess have done very well, however, both are older and have experienced more exposure to foreign languages. Cindie Lou Who  learned quite a bit, and Dozer trailed behind. 

Princess and Cindie Lou Who watching the Dino Lingo Spanish DVD! 

The video was bright, engaging and entertaining. It is well formulated and IT WORKS! I could not be more pleased with the results. While the video is only the first of three steps in Dino Lingo's method, it does work.

Dino Lingo's Method:

Step One: Engage your child with lively dino charcters, colorful animation and entertaining songs with foreign vocabulary.

Step Two: Build Confidence. During lessons, your child uses the vocabulary used in the videos and rewards them when master new skills.

Step Three: Practice what you have learned. By using what your child has learned in the videos and lessons in an interactive and hands on approach, using games and songs. You could even expand on this your self, for example: take them out to eat at a chinese resturaunt to use their new Mandarin Chinese vocabulary!

There are so many languages to choose from! Dino Lingo can help your kiddos learn: latin, English, Spanish, Urdu, Mandarin, Finnish, German and so many more!

There are a variety of products to choose from as well. From dvds and flash cards to vocabualry posters. They also have packages that include: DVDs, flashcards, coloring books, posters and even a flag from the language's country of origin.

If you are looking to enhance your child's cirriculum or just looking for a fun way to keep your child engaged, try Dino Lingo!

                     Adios Amigos, Modern Mommy

*Lissy Lou and Cindie Lou Who: Princess' "bestest friends". Names have been changed for privacy.