Saturday, May 18, 2013

Glop & Glam

I do Princess' hair every single night. I do a lot of styles with elastic bands. They're usually tight, and end up frizzy.

So, I am always on the hunt for products that will hold and that aren't harmful, for Princess or the environment.

Something that smells good, is easy to use and doesn't cause those fuzzies or flakes!

I found an amazing product, that works well, smells great. There's no waxy build up/residue. The kids love it and it's the ONLY product I will ever use in their hair until they are old enough to pick out their own!

Glop & Glam! Where organic meets effective and fun!

I LOVE this stuff! I was sent quite a few products to review.

Blueberry Blast Shampoo: A clarifying, lightly scented blueberry shampoo.  It works, really, really well. It stripped my hair of all of the gunk I use in it (Sprunch Spray, hair spray, hair gel, conditioner).

Cake Batter Conditioner: My favorite of the bunch! Although it was not as thick as I like my conditioners, I loved this one! The smell is AMAZING! It smells like real yellow cake batter. It's surreal! (I don't use a lot of conditioners, because they make my hair greasy). Princess loves the conditioner, and says "It smells so good, I want to eat myself all up)!

Chocolate Cream: This stuff is wonderful! Smells sweet and works great! Just don't use too much or your hair will be greasy! Best used on very frizzy hair. Locks in a sweet shine!

Watermelon Hard Candy Gel: I didn't find this to be an overtly powerful watermelon smell. I love this! It is my go-to, must have product for Princess' hair. It's sweet, light, non hardening. It also doesn't cause flakes. (which is big, because I use those tiny little rubber bands in her hair a lot, and almost every gel I have ever used has caused those flakes).

I love how well they work in her hair and they aren't harmful to the kiddos or the environment. Glop & Glam are not tested on animals, either.  They are safe for babies and sensitive skin. All products are tear free, and made without parabens, sulfates or alcohol. They are made with ingredients like Aloe and Echinacea (both are nutrient and moisture rich).

Tiny Topsy Turvy's. (From: Girly Do Hairstyles)

Glop & Glam was created by Andrea, a stylist, whom was looking for a functional, fun and fabulous product and found a void in the market.

Front view of Topsy Turvy's. 
If you are looking for an fun, functional and fabulous (and organic) answer to all the plain jane, chemical laden hair products for kids (and families), look no further than Glop & Glam!

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