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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pavlov'z Toyz

As the holidays are fast approaching, we try to include our favorite, most unique and innovative toys in our Holiday Gift Guide. One of the first on our list is Pavlov'z Toyz!  

We received an amazing My First Locomotive Set with Track, it retails for $179.99 (USD).

For that price, you receive: A 6 volt locomotive, a 68" in diameter track.The recommended age is 3+ (Dozer will be three in March, however, he is on the taller side). The maximum weight limit is 55 lbs. It goes a whopping 3 MPH.

Dozer loves it! He loves all trains and is particularly fond of Thomas and CAT Trains from Toy State. He is also at the age that he loves to ride on toys and has quite a few of them. However, we have only one that makes him light up like lights on a Christmas tree!  

He loves how he feels like a real train conductor. We like how easy it is to let him play with it. It was relatively easy to put together (some assembly is required).

Pavlov'z Toyz has a lot to offer! They have some amazing outdoor products. Most of their products are geared toward boys. 

They have a cool My First Motocross Set, as well as a BabyDoll Playset, vanity and so much more. They are one of the coolest, "unknown" toy companies. They're not a household name yet, but, they should be!

We love Pavlov'z Toyz!
Modern Mommy


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