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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rubba Ducks Making Waves this Holiday Season!

We love rubber ducks around here! Its a bit of an obsession!   

Rubba Ducks is on my Holiday Gift Guide this year! 

Rubber ducks are a favorite toy of childhood, a bathtime classic, yet often viewed only as a novelty.

Rubba Ducks are the best quality ducks I have ever seen, mold resistant (there is no hole in a Rubba Duck). 

Did you know that Rubba Ducks float upright? 

Also, each duck is unique, a true individual, with personality and character. Each has a tattoo reflecting its unique personality on its tail-feathers. And, all of the ducks have their own hatch date and bio, found on their trading card tags. My kids love to collect the tags and dream about getting new ducks!  

Princess playing with the Rubba Ducks! Her favorite is Crystal! Whats yours?

Rubba Ducks are full of fun in or out of the tub!

A wave of Rubba Ducks!

Rubba Ducks has a new website!

Still the same amazing ducks! Coming at you in waves!  

One of our newest favorite ducks is Crystal! While she is not glass, crystal or diamonds, she is unique and you can almost see through her. She is so neat!


We display our ducks sometimes and are debating making our bathroom ducky themed. These ducks are too much fun to sit on a shelf collecting dust, though!

Every duck is unique and packed full of personality!   

Fun in and out of the tub!

Ducks are usually $11.99 to $13.99 (USD). You can also buy waves, usually $139.99. Rightnow, you can get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $30.00!

Do you want a few Rubba Ducks? Be on the lookout for a giveaway! 

Happy Holidays, Modern Mommy



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