Thursday, July 2, 2015

Independence Day

In the wee hours of this morning I was browsing my emails, as I usually do before bed. I received an email from the owner of Bolder Bands. I thought that there was a sale I had missed. I was quite surprised when I read what Mrs. Amy Crouse had written. What an amazing woman! What a way to Be Bolder (as is the motto for Bolder Bands). What she has to say should inspire us all to unite as a nation, whilst celebrating our freedom from a hierarchic monarchy, this weekend.

 "We can't deny it any longer.  We can't continue to bury our heads in the sand.  There is definitely something right with America.
In fact, there's been something right with America for hundreds of years.
Many have tried to cover up the truth with negative bumper stickers, angry resentful hearts, and disrespectful pessimism, but the facts speak for themselves. 
People here still have the freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.
Americans can still choose, and practice their religion without the fear of persecution.
Whether your views are right or wrong, there are those who would lay down their lives to protect your right to speak freely. Recently, I had the privilege of visiting our nation's capital for the first time. 
Something about being there made me exceptionally grateful for this amazing country.  I know things aren't perfect, but there's so much that is good and right about America.
Seeing the thousands upon thousands of graves at Arlington was overwhelming for me.  Experiencing it in person helped me understand the vast number of soldiers who laid down their lives for our freedom.
I hope this 4th of July you'll honor the men and women who built this great nation. 
I hope you'll have cookouts, adventures, and spend unforgettable time with family.
I hope you'll see the wonder in the eyes of our children as they stare up at the fireworks. Most of all, I hope you'll join me in celebrating the things that are RIGHT with America this Independence Day. 

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!"
-Amy Crouse 

I'll be honest, lately I have been feeling rather unpatriotic. As with most things, it seems we take one step forward and two steps back. We did so well with the same sex marriage Supreme Court Ruling. We are a nation founded on the ideals of equality, freedom and justice.

Let's celebrate the birth of our nation this weekend, not just for the sake of delicious food (of which there should be plenty) and pretty fireworks, but with the intent to unite! With neighbors, friends, family. Let's be proud of what we have to accomplished, what we have done RIGHT. We haven't got it all right, and that is okay. We're working on it. After all, we are a nation of progress.

Be proud, nation of the few, the brave, tired, hungry and poor. Be PATRIOTIC. Be proud of where you live, fellow Americans. Be proud of the people that have died for our freedoms. protecting and defending us. Be proud of those still here, with battle scars visible and hidden. Be proud of what Independence day means for us all.

If you get the chance, please visit Washington D.C. (A recent visit to the nation's capital is what inspired Amy to write such an awesome email).

I have been to the capital. I have seen the monuments, museums and memorials. I have been awe inspired and struck to my core with what it means to be lucky enough to be born here.

Do you remember the solidarity we displayed after 9-11? How we still feel when that day of infamy comes up in conversation? Where were you that day? Do you remember how quiet it was with all the planes grounded? As a nation we shall never forget.

Let us not forget that we are a nation, together. Different ideas, races, religions (or lack there of) that make up a whole. Celebrate, together, what we have gotten RIGHT!

Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day!  

Modern Mommy