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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dexas International: Fun-ctionally Fabulous!

Dexas International is a  designer and manufacturing company based in Dallas, Texas. They manufacture high quality culinary items to  leading world retailers. They produce everything right in the United States of America.
Their products are are innovative, unique, functional and inspire culinary creativity both at home and in business.
I own quite a  few fabulously functional products from Dexas. They are amazing to use! They incorporated very easily into my kitchen.
              Fabulously Functional  Five favorite Finds from Dexas International  
Dexas Bucket of Gadgets: I use these every time I cook! They are silicone, making them heat-resistant. They protect non-stick cookware, such as enamel coated cast iron cookware. They also have ergonomic European Beechwood handles!  Great price point, at $19.99 (USD) for all four pieces.
2. Dexas 8 Inch Baster: Here is another fabulously functional find! I use this for basting items in the oven, crock pot and grill. My favorite barbecue sauces are thick, sweet and sticky. Which is usually messy! This cute little unassuming gadget performs beautifully, especially in hot sticky situations! It's priced well, at $9.99 (USD).
3. Dexas Micro Mitt: These things are amazing! I have a stainless steel grill which gets very, very hot when left uncovered in the sunlight. These work well for pulling things off the grill, out of the oven or even on a hot handle.
5. Dexas Pizza Roller Cutter: This amazing little gadget is awesome! Ergonomic grip, slides easily. Great for slicing pizza or sandwiches. It also comes apart for easy cleaning! It's my favorite feature! Awesomely affordable at just $7.99 (USD).
 Those are just my Fabulously Functional Five Favorite Finds from Dexas International! They have many more useful, functional and fabulous items for your home, culinary or office needs! From clipboards, knives to pet products, you will find something that is innovative, fresh and unique at Dexas!
You can find their products directly from their online store: store.dexas.com, their Amazon Store or local retailers.
Be sure to tell them that Modern Mommy Reviews sent you!
FTC disclosure: I received product(s) in exchange for post about the product. All opinions are my own.


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