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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Political Rant

Let me be perfectly clear before I am vilified by Facebook Keyboard Warriors: I do not believe in politics, so much so that I generally do not allow at speak of it or religion in my house. A healthy dose of curiosity, respect and thought should go into these subjects before speaking (my house is divided, we have Trump and Clinton supporters. My husband and I are polar opposites in most things, including political opinions).

I believe politics is a sham. Our founding fathers started with good intentions. However, we all know the adage that "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions". Politics are a means of control and keeps the wealthy in wealth and the impoverished in poverty.

However, whatever my belief of politics, we all need to be concerned with our most recent political race.

Since this current Presidential race has started, we have higher racial tensions than this country has seen in decades. We are a divided nation. To paraphrase infamous words of President Abraham Lincoln, "a house divided cannot stand". He's right.

Mr. Donald J. Trump is a chauvinistic, racist, narcissistic, arrogant and wealthy man. He has poor oratory skills and cannot control his emotions. He is a poor choice of representative for the average American. Many of the things he says are designed to offend and align to the darker more unsavory aspects of our human nature. I most certainly fear for all of our lives. He should not have access to our military or weaponry on a whim. Whether he said something ten minutes ago or ten years ago, it speaks to his character and how he will continue to act in the future.

On that note, lets discuss Former First Lady Hillary R. Clinton. She was apart of a Watergate Inquiry staff (as a junior member). She was not fired! She was on the staff until it dissolved in 1974. I do not know enough about Benghazi to comment, though I am researching it. She is largely out of touch with the average American, yet another affluent, older person vying for the Presidency. She seems to avoid important events, is she ill or not? Is she healthy enough to effectively lead a nation for four years?

I will say she has experience and it is political experience (so much so, that we used to hear jokes about her being President and not former President William Clinton).

Both of these people should not be our first choice. Folks, we've lived through a Clinton Presidency. Will we live through a Trump one? It's almost like picking between the devil you know and the devil you do not.

Make it count in November, people. Vote for the person you believe is the best candidate. Protest by boycotting in an effort to save us from either choice! Vote a third party, (for those opposed, other industrialized nations have more than two main parties, why can't we)? Do what you think is right.

I'm not sure what the right choice is, I cannot make the choice for anyone besides myself. I will never, ever believe that Donald J. Trump is a good candidate for the Presidency.

I, an uneducated, (I only graduated high school) and unemployed woman from Pennsylvania have better oratory and written skills than Donald Trump. I have more common sense and respect for my fellow man than he does!


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