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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Treat Street

    Today, being Easter, my children got an assortment of goodies from the Easter Bunny. One that stood out to me was this unique marshmallow treat in a cone! It was a lamb, it was large, it was cute and of course...it was in a cone! Just about anything is better in a cone! 
   It was a white lamb, pink ears and all...The wrapping was clear, sealed cellophane. The cone was green and somewhat flimsy. Very cute looking, overall. 
    The lamb was sugar coated and according to the tag "fruit flavored". My daughter was thrilled when she saw the lamb. (Typical girly-girl, she loves anything cute)! 
     The lamb was a bit like eating a Peep. However, it was very messy ( the sugar was loose and got EVERYWHERE)! It was also extremely hard to chew. I would not recommend this for young children. It was only slighty flavored and it kept falling out of it's cone. 
    Dear Readers, it was not the best product I have tested. On the website, it has some cute products...strangely, it did not include this one. I have, as usual, included the website link. 



  1. Well, at least it looked cute! LOL

    I am a new fan from Bloggy Moms.