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Friday, June 24, 2011

Lil' Texas Cuties Boutique!

    Our Princess' Fourth birthday just passed. I wanted her to feel just like a princess. She has always loved dress-up, but to buy dress up clothes from most stores is just impractical. The clothes fall apart after one wear, they are expensive and impersonal! 
 The Hubs and I agreed to buy an outfit from Little Texas Cuties Boutique! Princess loves "Hello Kitty" and anything associated with the bow wearing feline. It was even the theme of her party.  We picked the "Hello Kitty" themed birthday Tutu/T-shirt/ Hair bow combo! You can request different color combinations, we went with what was pictured, a black and pink lil' number. Included was her name and how old she is! (I photoshopped her name and added "Princess". Not as cute as what is actually on her shirt, but I am quite serious about their safety).
The Tutu, before Princess saw it!

 It arrived before her birthday (Thank goodeness)! We were blown away with how fluffy the tutu is and how well it fits Princess. She loved getting it as a gift. You should have seen her face! (Oh, wait...I can show you)! 
Doesn't she look Bea-U-tiful!

 She wore it to her birthday party at Bounce U. Not the most practical place to wear a tutu. It did start to untie, and I had to tie the pieces of tulle back on. I don't think it was due to poor craftmanship, rather, a lapse of judgement on my part. Even so, only a few came off and once fixed, we haven't had a problem since. She has worn the t-shirt and bow often and both are holding up and look adorable on her!
Princess bouncin' away in her new Birthday Tutu Set!

 I just love Etsy.com, and all the wonderful artisans I find. Lil' Texas Cuties Boutique is my number one shop for dress-up, photo prop and other unique accessories! Here is the link for Lil' Texas Cuties Etsy.com Shop: LilTexasCutiesEtsyShop.Etsy.com


  1. Happy birthday to your little princess.. thanks for dropping by Dominique's Desk

  2. How cute and that smile says it all. Happy Birthday little one.
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  3. Hi,

    OMG that is sooo cute! My daughter is all about being a Princess too, so I'm going to have to check out Lil Texas Cuties. Happy Birthday to your princess! :)


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