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Monday, November 28, 2011


As a “mompreneur/mommy blogger”, I work hard to achieve my goals. I am constantly contacting companies, testing and reviewing products. That may seem easy and fun, and it can be.. I love my family’s faces when the UPS man pulls up with something new for us to review.

But, it can also be frustrating, disappointing and stressful. It can be stressful to meet deadlines, with children, a household, a husband and other responsibilities to tend to. It can be frustrating when I don’t get enough sleep, because I was up writing a review and tending to Tater. It can be disappointing when I don’t get a response from a company or when they do not want to offer me a product because my readership was not to their standards.

A lot of work goes into a blog, from the way the background looks, to where ads are placed to just the right words in every post. And for a “reviewer” like me? I even have to contact the companies and represent myself. I am always looking for ways to increase my readership and followers on Facebook and Twitter. 

And there is even more to learn and do when you have a blog. Like learning HTML ( HTML is a language for describing web pages), or what SEO is. Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines. In general, the more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users. Companies look at SEO and data from sites like Facebook and Twitter to determine your blogs “worth” so to speak. 

All this work is worth it, because I see my blog as my job, as a way to provide my family with an enriching experience as well as provide for my family in a very unique opportunity.
I was presented with the unique opportunity to review for Socialprize. A very unique way to share and get your business or blog in the mainstream. It is a great way to increase your fan base, though social media networks, like; Facebook and Twitter. Social Prize taps into the potential of many social networks and gets more people talking about your brand online, fast!

*“A Social Prize sweepstakes is a cost-effective way to engage your fans, reach their friends and find new fans”.

Socialprize invites people to win prizes, entry is simple: like “so and so” company on Facebook” and be entered into win an awesome prize like: an Apple iPad, Target gift card or other great prizes!
They make it so easy for you!They do almost all the work for you! They have official rules drafted, banners designed, Facebook tab generator and widget code ready to go and will automatically track entries and select a winner. 

It has been amazing to work with Socialprize. They did exactly as they promised. They were very efficient at helping me gain new Facebook and Twitter followers. My Facebook fans went from 8 to 86! In just two months! My Twitter followers went from a sad 4 to 31! I am completely amazed!

I am a believer in what Socialprize can do! I know it works! I absolutely cannot wait until they come out with a sweepstakes to increase your Google Friend Connect Followers!

Want to know more? If you want to increase your company’s potential through social media networks, using an amazing tool or just want to win some awesome prizes? Check out Socialprize.com!



  1. Thanks for the awesome review!

    I've been doing some SEO and checking out what sort of buzz is spreading out about our brand. It's great to see so all the fantastic things people are saying about our platform.

    As Greg mentioned back in 2011, when we were in a very early closed beta phase, we are definitely looking to work with more bloggers, as well as solopreneurs, small businesses, and lean startups. We've rebuilt the site and did a soft launch in May 2012. Come check us out!

    Also, your review has been featured on our press/buzz page. Here's the link!


    If we don't chat before then, have a very Merry Christmas! Let's be sure to connect and keep the conversation going. I'd love to collaborate with you in fun, mutually-beneficial ways!

    ~Yomar from SocialPrize

    P.S. I'm a blogger too and, now that I am taking the lead with my long-time friend, Andy Fewtrell, we're going to do some BIG things. Definitely excited to share our experiences with each other. I love a good story!