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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bambino Balls!

We don’t watch a whole lot of sports around here. On occasion, we may catch a NASCAR™ race or even a baseball game…But, nothing compares to the excitement that everyone gets in my house, over one sport….

Both my kids were “football” (Tater still is) carried. So much so, that I say “hike” and they erupt into giggles.

We love watching and playing football. 

We are all a house divided. My M-I-L loves the Philadelphia Eagles™, Hubs loves the Dallas Cowboys™, I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and Princess? She’s a die-hard Cheese-head (Green Bay Packers™ fan)!  Tater? We have yet to find out! I think he may be a *gasp* Cheese-head…(I mean, who could pass up a chance to wear such delicious head gear?)
The Cheese hat in all it's glory!

No matter what sport you like or what team you root for…Bambino Balls onesies are the cutest way to show love to your sport! 

They have basketball, football, tennis, soccer ball onesies and t-shirts. And so much more! The really cool thing is that the onesies aren’t just for boys.
Pink/white football onesie!
Super cute for baseball season!

However, I went the traditional route and picked a brown and white football onesie for Tater. He looks so stinkin’ cute! At first, I was a little surprised when I received it. I thought it was way too big!

Well, I am glad I erred on the side of caution and went bigger (18-24) months, because it fits perfectly over his cloth diapers.
2012-04-29 08.11.19
He's all geared up for pigskin season! Don't ask what he's doing with his hand, I'm gonna assume he was itchy.
Look Sissy, see my cool onesie? (Those are Princess' feet)

I love how Bambino Balls were created. Such a cute and simple concept…

I'm a sports fanatic and came up with the idea for Bambino BallsTM while holding my baby in the "football" position. Bambino BallsTM is the perfect gift for sports fans who are expecting or who already have small children. It's a great way to dress up your kids in your favorite sports theme and share your love of the games.
Clint Greenleaf -- Founder

No matter what sport you play or what team you’re affiliated with…. Bambino Balls are an adorable way to celebrate your team! These would make a great Mother’s Day gift (it’s right around the corner, May 13th)!
                What is your favorite sport?
                             Modern Mommy


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