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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Polar Bear Cooler

polar bear cooler
Our Polar Bear Cooler, in Red.

We went to a great amusement park last week. We had fun swimming, playing games (we won so many tickets, they had to write us a voucher! Princess won a glitter lamp)! We had a picnic lunch and rode a few rides. By the end of it all, we were tired and sore, but we have many happy memories Smile
Picnic in the park.
It was a wonderful and extremely warm day. The temperature was around 89°F. When we started out. (I think it was cooler because it was slightly cloudy.  
We packed a lunch using our Polar Bear Cooler. I didn’t use ice, I opted instead for one ice pack, probably about as big as a greeting card. I packed:
  • 4 bottles of water,
  • 6 cans of soda,
  • 2 juice pouches,
  • 6 bologna sandwiches (with Miracle Whip™), 
  • 4 pudding cups 
  • and a few bags of Sun Chips™ (I cannot stand any other chips!) 

Modern Mommy (Me) with the cooler! Please excuse my windblown hair!

The cooler is a “24 pack” and can hold 24 cans of your favorite beverage. I packed less cans, but, a lot of food. 

Polar Bear Coolers are more than just a cooler, the Polar Bear soft-sided cooler is an all-purpose, high tech, bi-polar, portable insulation system. The Polar Bear soft cooler can be personalized or monogrammed (the Hubs think this will be a great Christmas present for my Dad. Shhh!) and features a leak proof / sweat proof five-layer air trap design that will keep ice for 24 hours in 100°. When it has to stay hot or needs to stay cold, “Polar Bear is the brand that performs”!

I was kind of skeptical. I didn’t think that anything could keep Miracle Whip  in 100°F…..By the middle of the day, the thermometer in the park was reading 106°. ( I think it may have been off by about 5 degrees). We were at the park for about 7 hours, plus the hour drive each way...So, it was in use for about 9 hours altogether. 

By the time we got home,, we were pretty tuckered out! I bathed the kids and put them straight to bed. I then descended on my kitchen, in order to unpack and put away bathing suits, towels and the cooler. Like I said, I was skeptical about the cooler’s ability…..It could keep it cool, but, ice for 24 hours? Nah….

I was WRONG! There was still ICE in the water bottles and the ice pack! I was simply amazed!  
The afore mentioned water bottle!

If you are in need of a cooler this summer or anytime, check out Polar Bear Coolers! You will be very happy that you did!
      Modern Mommy


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