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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hape Toys: Playfully Delicious

My kids love to play in their play kitchen. (I think I’ve mentioned this before). 

It’s a big part of their playtime. They are constantly bringing me the wildest concoctions from their imaginations. 
hape kid playing with mighty mixer
I love how busy it keeps them and how well they (usually) play together when they play in their play kitchen. They even have a name for it, “Order Up”. One will be the chef and the other, the waiter. 

The only thing that I don’t really like is the quality of most of their kitchen toys. Good quality, wood toys are hard to find and usually pretty expensive. 

I really like the quality of Hape Toys. I love that they take the enviroment and children’s safety seriously and into account to make some of the most beautiful, useful and lasting toys I have ever seen.

As the world’s largest producer of wooden toys, Hape is clearly dependent on the use of natural materials. A full line of bamboo toys takes advantage of the special properties of this highly renewable material. Plastic parts are ensured durable enough to last for generations in order to encourage toys to be passed down rather than tossed out.*

They’re solidly constructed, beautifully painted and the attention detail is amazing! The coffee maker even came with a little felt coffee pod to insert into the maker. It’s so cute! It’s that sort of attention to detail that makes more realistic and more engaging for your child.
coffe pod
We received the Coffee Maker and the Mighty Mixer from their Playfully Delicious line.  The line includes a wide variety of play kitchen ware (cutlery), play food, kitchen appliances (refrigerators, ovens), food, even a shopping cart and market stall.
hape coffee maker

The Coffee Maker comes with: a mug, milk/ creamer carton, a spoon and a sugar bowl. They are so cute! Dozer loves to serve Daddy coffee! 
hape mighty mixer
The Mighty Mixer is cute, too! It came with: a yellow bowl, a pack of brown sugar and a pack of flour. The flour and sugar are like little pillows. They’re adorable. The mixer’s beater really rotates, too. 

Quality, longevity, eco friendliness and affordability is what Hape Toys are all about. 
The Coffee Maker is priced at $24.99 as is the Mighty Mixer. 

Do your kiddos like to play pretend with a play kitchen?
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