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Thursday, April 11, 2013

eMedia Music Kids Piano Starter Pack

Did you know that kids who play an instrument do better in school, make friends more easily, are more creative, learn self-discipline and gain self-confidence? 

We were sent an amazing package from eMedia Music! It combines a cute character, Pam the Piano, proven music techniques and basic, interactive lessons to teach yor child how to play the piano! (eMedia Music offers kids starter packs for the acousic guitar, electric guitar, violin as well as the piano). They also offer many adult items and starter packs.


We really liked the kit! It came with a dvd of over 100 lessons (taught by former Juilliard School of Music instructor Irma Irene Justicia, M.A), as well as cords, and the electronic piano itself! Lessons include everything from rhythym to notes and everything in between. 

Princess loves music and was very excited to start learning how to play. She tried to skip the parts she found boring (like the names of notes and how to read them) and found it quite difficult to actually play using only notes. However, she really enjoyed learning all about rythym and played quite well following along to Pam the Piano. 

Princess enjoyed learning about music and how to play. She enjoyed the dvd, and interacting with Pam the Piano. So far she can play a C scale and Mary had a Little Lamb. She is very proud of herself!

I am amzed at how fast she has learned to play (provided that she stays on task or practises when I tell her to). She really like Pam the Piano and enjoys learning about music.

I have started to learn to play the piano using the eMEdia Music Piano Starter pack. I have learned to play a few songs, but not well! Alas, I fear I don't really have *any* real musical talent!

The eMedia Music method is fun, interactive and engaging. Each lesson is fast paced and fun (you can however, go back if you missed something. You can move back and forth through the lessons as needed!

If you have ever wanted to learn an instrument, today is the day! Don't letanything hold you back! You can learn in your home at whatever pace you need!  

The starter pack includes: 
  • Electronic keyboard sized for small fingers.
  • A power supply cable/cord.
  • A USB cable for connecting the MIDI keyboard to your computer.
  • Interactive eMedia My Piano CD-ROM (for Windows & Mac).
  • Plus, a bonus My Piano DVD.
All for $149.95 (USD). I think that is an amazing deal!

It really is fun, and easy!  If your kids want to learn how to play a musical instrument, look no further than eMedia Music! 

                         (My favorite instrument has always been the flute, I wish I could play)What is your favorite instrument? 

                Modern Mommy


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