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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cast CoverZ

One of my many sisters, Jo, fell down her stairs a couple weeks ago. A few weeks prior, her eldest, Lissy Lou, fell and injured her knee. Both are using crutches. It's been a big adjustment for both of them. They were in need of some cute and comfy crutch accessories. For Jo, we were able to review a 5 piece crutch cover set from Cast CoverZ!

They are fuzzy, functional and fashionable!

She loves them!

She liked how soft they are and how it made it a little more bearable to be on crutches. She really loved the pouch that attached to the crutches. It was very convenient for her to place her phone, keys, lighter and cigarettes (no judgement, ladies. She's quitting!) Before that, she was placing them in her bra, just to get around!

Jo using her crutches!

The only real complaint (other than that she wanted to be off the crutches as quick as she could) was that the covers were not quite as padded as she wanted them to be.

She loved the camo coloring and the fuzziness of them.

They are affordably priced, especially if you use crutches on a daily basis. They are priced at $39.99 (USD) for 4 pieces!

Cast CoverZ offers a huge variety of items to help you feel better and heal better! From covers and pouches, colored crutches by LemonAid to all sortz of Cast CoverZ. They have:

Colored Crutches by LemonAid!

  • Dry Pro: Get back in the water withDryPro™.  Watertight protection allows you to enjoy the water activities even with a cast! 
  • Legz! cover your toes, preventing snagging and scratching while keeping your cast clean. 
  • Sleeperz!, made from super soft micro-fleece, takes the nightmare out of sleeping with a cast.  Long or short. 
  • Slickerz!, for leg casts and bandages, conquer inclement weather (rain, snow, sand) with our weatherproof material and closed toe design. 
  • Bootz! cover those ugly orthotic walking boots with style! Fits both high and low boots.  Easy off/on design. 
  • CastCooler® provides cooling and drying effectiveness for your cast, boot, brace, or splint.  No more agonizing itching or disgusting odor! 
  • Give a DRAWESOME and truly personalized Get Well gift for that special person in a cast, brace, or splint with CastCanvas! 

A lot of amazing, affordable products to make healing just a little bit easier! 

Have you ever broken a bone? I have never, ever broken a bone! 
                    Modern Mommy 


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