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Friday, May 24, 2013

June Calendar Bums Giveaway from Soft Bums!

I LOVED, LOVED cloth diapering! Now, we're potty training, and no longer using cloth diapers....*sniff, sniff*(my baby's not a baby) *sob*

However, much as I loved the baby stage, I'll be glad not to change the inevitable stinky, smooshy diaper anymore!

My favorite thing about "fluff" was the amazing prints they come in! From sweet solids to the downright silly, there are a ton of fun prints! My absolute favorite is the Cowie print, although I don't own it....(I really, really wish I did...maybe, one more kid? Just kidding)!

Soft Bums does a totally unique reveal of their monthly special edition diaper, it's called Calendar bums! It's so much fun to see what the new pattern/color is going to be for the month. For this month, they are doing something really exciting and unique (and I was invited to share with you)!

They are doing an awesome GIVEAWAY of SoftBums products worth $100.00 (USD)! They are revealing the new Calendar Bums with this GIVEAWAY! you get the opportunity to win a June Calendar Bum Shell, you also get the opportunity to win the grand prize of $100 worth of products from SoftBums! Awesome, right? I know, I'm excited! So, Enter away!!!
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