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Friday, May 18, 2018

Mavea Elemaris XL

We have been trying to drink more water. The kids are awesome about it, all they ever drink is milk or water. (I've actually gotten a few compliments and a few complaints, that my kids only drink these two beverages! It usually leaves me incredulous! I'm proud of my children for being healthier than their Mommy and Daddy).

I'll be honest, I do not drink a lot of water. I drink mostly soda. It is my only vice. I don't drink much alcohol, coffee, tea, juice or milk. I tend to drink soda. I don't drink milk because I am lactose intolerant (however, when I was pregnant, I craved it like crazy)!

However, I have learned that water is a much better choice for my kiddos, and even for me. Us mommies tend to neglect ourselves. One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to be healthy and set a good example for the kids is to grab a glass of water.

We had previously used bottled water (from who knows where) and water filtered through our Brita Slim Water Pitcher. It runs out a lot!

We have recently gotten the opportunity to review a Mavea Elemaris XL water pitcher, in Royal Red. It's hot! The color is vibrant and matches most of my kitchen decor (even my trash can)!

The Elemaris XL can hold 9 cups, has rubberized feet (to prevent scratching of surfaces, and to prevent slippage). It is BPA free!

It also has a cool digital indicator for the filter, that reminds you when to insert a new one. Every filter lasts about two months.

One of the other unique aspects of the Elemaris XL is the way you fill it up. You fill it from the top, from a little trap door in the top. It's so cool, even Princess wants to refill it!

Another really cool and eco-friendly aspects of the pitcher and its filters are the fact that the filters are made of coconut shells! Isn't that incredible? Would you like to know how? Check the video below out!

We love the Mavea Elemaris XL pitcher, from it's sleek, innovative design, to it's singular yet important purpose. We can't get enough of our water!

Mavea is Marvelous!
Modern Mommy