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Monday, September 23, 2013

Hormel REV Wraps

What do we Modern Moms look for in a lunch for the kiddos? Healthy, delicious and easy....Right?

We also tend to stick to quick fixes and favorites: Mac'n' Cheese, PB & J or Fluff sandwiches, a side of snacks, fruit or veggies, am I right?

We recently had the opportunity to try Hormel Rev Wraps a try. 

They are convienent wraps, in a small on-the-go package. They're perfect for the whole family's lunchboxes!

I have to say, these were definitely a hit. More so with the grown ups, rather than the kiddos.

They were full of flavor. They were bold, strong flavors like the Peppered Turkey or Pepporoni Pizza.

The kids liked some of less intense flavors.

My Mother-in-Law and Aunt-in-Law loved them! They couldn't stop praising the REV Wraps and have bought several more since we tested them.  

My MIL and AIL said that they found them to be full of flavor and soft. They particularly loved the flavor combinations. Our favorites were the: Ham & Cheese, Pepporni Pizza (pictured above),

I found my wraps to be a little dry, however, I added salsa or mustard accordingly. 

All in all, we all really liked them!  Check them out in the refridgerated section of your local grocery store!

Full of flavor, fun and functionality! 

Modern Mommy


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