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Friday, November 29, 2013

Threadz by PlaSmart

My kids are into crafts. Just today, Hubs found a puddle of glue on the counter and asked what it was (Princess was gluing two toilet paper tubes together to make binoculars. The glue leaked off of them while drying). 

PlaSmart sent us two products from their Threadz line up. We have the scarf kit and the purse kit. 

They are so soft!  (Could I have a blanket made of this yarn, please)?

We love the colors. Both range in pinks, purples and reds.

Now, for practicality's sake: how easy were they to actually do?

Honestly, I have never, ever knitted/crocheted in my life. After Threadz? Still, no knitty aptitude! It was a big bust for me!

However, the instructions and application of them were much easier for nimble fingered Princess! She isn't finished, but, she likes trying.

Here is an awesome video from Time to Play Mag on how to make a beanie from Threadz. Since I could not actually help you, Dear Readers!

We have had a wonderful time putting together our kits from PlaSmart!

The instructions were easy to understand and apply to reality. They were fun for Princess and her friends to do together! (I gave up)!

If you have someone crafty in your life, you should check out one of the many creative kits from PlaSmart!

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