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Saturday, March 29, 2014

StopLight GoLight

We love our new StopLight GoLight!

We used it for potty training, we're currently using it for bath time and timeouts! We also use it to time cooking and cleaning.

The StopLight GoLight was created by two moms, whom happen to be sisters. It dawned (pun intended, lol) on them around Daylight Savings time, that they needed a timer that kids understood and that was easy for adults to use. The StopLight GoLight timer was born!

It is a very versatile timer!

We tried using it for bedtime, totally did not work for us. 'Dozer still will not stay in bed the entire night. He usually ends up with us! *Sigh* However, it works really well with my kiddos for timeouts, cleaning up, timing time in between potty breaks (for Dozer, of course), timing bathtimes as well as helping me remember how long that roast is supposed to go in for!

You also have the choice of using it with batteries or using the ac adapter that comes with it.

I love how aesthetically pleasing the timer is. It usually, when not in use, sits on a shelf. The shelf contains our Rules (we only have 6), Calm Down Jar and a list of Consequences and Rewards.

It is so kid friendly! Not too many kids don't recognize a traffic light, which is exactly what the StopLight GoLight looks like.  Most kids know that "Red means Stop, Green means Go"!

Our StopLight GoLight timer, in it's resting spot!

It is so easy to use, from the buttons, to how easily it's concept is for kids, you can't go wrong. You can time it for hours or minutes, and can set the timer to buzz or not.

There is only one thing, that my kids noticed right away, and while not a big deal, they all complained. They wanted to know why the yellow light does not light up. There is no actual function for the yellow light (the only reason I could think of for a yellow light would be a warning of some kind: 5 second warning, for example.) Logistically, that might not be possible for our amazing mom team, Courtney and Whitney, that came up with this awesome timer!

It's reasonably well priced, at $29.99. I have seen some timers priced at $50!

If you need a timer for your kids, the StopLight GoLight Timer is the way to go!

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