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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prince Lionhart Bebe Pod

     I received this as a gift one day....It is a soft yet suppotive foamy material. Mine is light green and yellow. I like this seat very much! It is ergonamically designed and helps my son support himself very well. It is unbelieveably easy to clean (just wipe)!
     While I don't have any accessories, extra accessories can be purchased. Such as a tray and placemats. 
 I have a BIG complaint! The yellow knobby thing has fallen off!
      I do not own a Bumbo. I just know some of you are going to compare! As I said, I do not own a Bumbo (wish I did)! 
     Here is a picture of Tater in his Prince Lionhart seat!

I think it supported him pretty well (and he is only 7 weeks old)! ( I think it looks like his arm is leaning him up on the seat, it isn't). I wish I had a Bumbo to compare to! 
This seat costs around $32.00 on Walmart.com,  which is where mine was purchased.
  As usual, Dear Readers....here is a link for the seat on Walmart's website and the Prince Lionhart website :)



  1. Oh dear, I spelled *supportive wrong. Sorry, I will be sure to spell check next time!

  2. I saw your blog on bloggy moms and figured I drop in and see your posts. I love your layout, it is adorable!