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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Jammies

   I am not the biggest "go green" supporter in the whole world....Truth is, I am kind of lazy about it. I was so proud of my family when we participated in Earth Hour! However, when I received this set of pajamas for a baby shower....I reconsidered the "going green" concept! 
   The p.j's are 100 % organic cotton. It is so cute, white with bananas and brown polka dots. They say "bananas in my belly" as well.  
   Tonight, afer giving DS (dear son) a bath, I put the p.j's on him. The only thing he objected to was when I snapped the p.j's up....Which leads me to my only negative comment....I was so confused as how to snap it up...you have to fold it across him on the inside, snap it and then snap up the outside and the legs! 
   But over all, I was very excited to put these wonderfully soft, "green" p.j's on him, below is a picture of him sleeping in them.He looked so cute, I think I may have converted! 
  I have included a link, as usual. The website has links to allergy sites, eating healthy and all sorts of extras...Check 'em out!


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