Thursday, May 19, 2011

MAM (Pacifiers and more)!

       I have been using MAM products for the past three years and I love
them! I received a whole box of goodies from MAM today! From
bottles to pacifiers and so much more! (With DD all I used was the
pacifiers, I had no idea about all the other stuff)! 
All the goodies!
        The first thing we tried was a bottle. It was so cute! But, more than
that it was the shape of the nipple that got me! It was shaped just like a
nipple should be when breastfeeding. There was even little nubby dots
(thats the best way I can explain it) on the top to simulate your breast even
more. Also, imprinted on the nipple was "newborn" so that you don't get it
confused with different nipples! I think I have converted to MAM bottles,
instead of Playtex VentAire Advanced bottles! 
DS drinking from the MAM Anti-Colic Bottle
         Next, the kids and I took a walk, and of course, we couldn't be
without a pacifier! So we took a MAM Perfect Pacifier, which is made with
a Dento-Flex nipple neck which is 60% thinner and softer than other
comparable pacifiers! Like I said, I already knew the benefits of MAM
pacifiers, because I used them with DD. Pacifiers help prevent SIDS
(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). MAM pacifiers are approved by First
Candle, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating infant
mortality due to SIDS. 
       Later, after Dear Son's bath, my husband cleaned DS's gums with the
MAM oral care rabbit! DS did not like the intrusion in his mouth at all!
However, we want him to get used to proper oral hygeine, so in went the
rabbit. This thing was so cute! I had no idea anything like this existed! It's
blue and smiling. You put two figers in it's ears and proceed to clean
gums/teeth. I am definitely a fan!
The Oral Care Rabbit. Isn't he cute?
       We also got two kinds of teethers, a "Bite and Brush" teether and a
regular teething ring. The regular one was cute with elephants and
convienet, because it came with a clip. But, what impressed us was the
Bite and Brush teether! It was perfect for DS to bite on and if he had teeth
it would have been great for cleaning them!
DS chewing on a MAM teether.
       If you are looking for pacifiers, bottles, cups and teethers that are:
BPA free, PVC free, CPSIA compliant and ergonomically designed as to not
misalign Baby's teeth- MAM products are the way to go! You will not be
dissappointed. They do everything they promise and look cute doing it!!  As always, here is a link for MAM. (Also, in the sidebar there is a button that links to the site).


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