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Thursday, May 19, 2011


         Dear Readers, I have heard about this thing called "Scentsy"...I was wondering what it was and then I discovered that a friend sells the stuff. Well, I thought "Score! Now, I can find out what Scentsy is!" 
         So, I arranged for a private preview! And now, I am in love!
         Scentsy is a system of wickless candle warmers and great scent "bars" that you melt in the warmers. I love that the wax only gets about body temperature (making it totally safe for kids and pets)! It didn't take long to test this theory as my DD kept taking the top off the warmer (no burns or stains) and our cat kept going up to the warmer and sniffing it! 
        It also didn't seem to affect any one's allergies (everyone in my family has them...cat included)! 
        We had the burner burning for only about a half an hour and even hours after my new found Scentsy consultant left, my house still smelled YUMMY! The scent in the warmer was "Sun kissed Citrus" (I know, it's even fun to say)! It smelled like lemons, limes and oranges. So yummy!
        Scentsy is not just limited to warmers and bars. They have a wide array of products, from travel tins and mini night light warmers to scented foaming hand sanitizer! The hand sanitizer isn't made with alcohol, either making it a much better alternative to traditional hand sanitizer! (DD loves to use hand sanitizer instead of washing her hands....The Scentsy foaming stuff will make life a lot easier)! 
Autism Speaks Warmer

Scentsy pack (great for travel or in their *Scentsy Buddies)

Hand sanitizer

The cat in action!
         I almost forgot to tell you! They also hook up with organizations, such as "Autism Speaks" and the military to fund raise. Proceeds collected go to the respective organizations. In fact the warmer I tried was for "Autism Speaks".  I think if your going to spend money, it should definitely go to a worthy cause.
           I cannot wait to host a Scentsy party! (I want this stuff for my birthday and do not hesitate to tell everyone I know)! If you want to try Scentsy, please get in touch with your local Representative. You can find them on the Scentsy website, and I also have a button on the side that you can click, which puts you in touch with my local rep, Sonia! 


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    I tried Scensty too and I love it.