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Saturday, May 14, 2011

That's BOWdacious!

    Dear Readers, I was looking through DD (dear daughter's) hair accessories, trying to find the most perfect thing for her to wear to her birthday party. She has hair ties, headbands and barrettes, but nothing that stood out! I was getting rather flustered by this point...
   So, later on that evening, I headed to the computer (where else, Dear Readers?). I found the most perfect things! Hair bows by That's BOWdacious! They are the prettiest bows around! I ordered a few, a large bow, two small bows and (my favorite) two small "dragon fly" clips! 

All of the bows

Doesn't she look cute?

Close up of the Big One

Dragon fly clip

     They are in a brown and pink color combination and they also have polka dots. They are great! They are handmade and worth every penny! I love that the big bow has a bit of velcro on the inside so that it doesn't slip out of the hair. 
     Big bows are between $4.50 and $7.00. There are also sets of bows and these really neat things called "Corker" bows. They are curly and "Oh so cute"!
    Price really depends on how big and intricate you want your bows.  
    These are so unique and beautiful! As the company's name states, these are simply BOWDACIOUS!!!
     Check them out :