Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wittle Pitties Perfect Play Dough

After my so called kinda-sorta conversion to a more "green" lifestyle, I went looking for more green products. (Once again, Dear Readers, the computer is your friend)! 
     I went on and I found some play dough. Have you ever found yourself wondering what "Play Doh" is made of? Well, I researched that on Hasbro. It is a combination of flour, salt and water. Did you know that if you have a gluten allergy, you may have an allergic reaction to "Play Doh"? 
   I found a great product called "Wittle Pitties Perfect Play Dough". This stuff is amazing! It is sweet smelling, soft and so easy to work with! This play dough DOES contain flour! Be advised that if your child is allergic to gluten, this may not be the right product for you. (The ingredients are: flour, canola olive oil blend, cream of tartar, essential oil and coloring). I love that the ingredients are listed right on the package!
    I will, however, keep looking for a gluten free alternetive! 
   The scent I received was Sweet Orange. It smelled just like an orange! (I was wondering if DD would be tempted to taste it)! 
   Dear daughter and I had so much fun playing with this! It didn't stick to any of our play dough toys. It was perfect for making little animals and whatever DD's heart desired! It is the perfect solution to the rainy day blues! 

   Aroma Therapy play dough as it is called is not just a great toy (it has a hidden agenda)! This play dough is great for building finger dexterity and is a great tension reliever!
  An 8 oz. container is $5.00 plus shipping. You pick the color and the scent! There is a wide variety of scents, including: Sweet Orange, Apple Jack, Lemon Drop and many more! 
  If you are looking for more than just your regular play dough experience, give this play dough a try!
  Here is a link:
 *She has a wide variety of products available, including : Play dough, lip balms and laundry soap linen spray!*


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