Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mabels Labels!


              Dear Readers, necessity really is the mother of invention! 
  Have you ever gotten so confused trying to find the right cord to unplug?
Well, if your house is anything like mine, we have a ton of electric stuff
and can never, ever find the right cord! We have the computer, printer,
router, modem, Wii, PlayStation 2 and 3, the phone, the fish tank...well, the
list just goes on!
                      "411 Wristbands, Cute magnets and Cord Control"
    Well, I have a solution for you! Mabel's Labels! Made by a few moms
who got sick of stuff leaving their house and never returning! Mabel's
Labels are dishwasher, microwave, laundry safe. They are customizable
and come in your choice of color and design. 
    I received a pack of their "411 Wristbands" and "Cord Control" labels.
The "Cord Control" labels are for my previously mentioned problem with
all of our electronics! There were some for laptops, the toaster, the TV,
every household appliance you could imagine! So, Princess and I got busy
applying them! Organization is the key to success, after all!                                   

                                    Our cords, after "Cord Control"!
  I also received two packs of their "411 Wristbands".They can be printed
with such information as: your phone number and allergy information.
These would be great for a school trip, caregivers or even an alternative to
MedAlert type bracelets. (Who wants to wear a metal bracelet, when you
can wear a cool, lightweight, waterproof one)? Mine were printed with a
phone number and info not to give Tater honey as he is less than a year
                             Tater's 411 Wristband (around his ankle).
  Mabel's Labels are a spectacular way to get organized! Their products
include: Clothing labels (both sticky and iron on), household labels, like
those Cord Control ones, Bag Tags and even stationary! As always, here is
a link:


  1. this is a really cute id a way to mever pull the wrong plug and have everything mess up:)

  2. The anklet is my fav!! LOL.

    Patricia @