Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sew Precious Baby Car Seat Cover!

   Dear Readers, I once saw these cute covers for infant car seats. I thought to myself "Gee, that would be great for Princess when she gets car sick! Just take one off and put a new one on!" 
  Then, Surprise! Baby #2 turns out to be Tater Tot, a boy! All my girl stuff I had saved...out the door!
The car seats. Left: Graco SnugRide. Right: Evenflo Embrace.
   Or so I thought!
   Until, this Modern Mommy fired up the computer and searched on one of my favorite sites,, and I found Sew Precious Baby: Custom Infant & Toddler Car Seat Covers, Clothing and Accessories! She has an amazing selection of beautiful infant/toddler car seat covers, blankets, dresses and onesies. She even makes Shopping Cart Covers! I had a tough time selecting what pattern I wanted for Tater's seat. Hubs wanted camo, I thought that was cute...but, in the end, "Brown with Dots" won out!
The Evenflo, with it's new, amazing cover!
   This particular cover costs $50.00 plus the $7.50 shipping. I know a lot of you are going to fairly faint over that price tag, however I always like to comparison shop when I can, so....Infant Car Seat cover from Sew Precious Baby? $57.50. Comparable cover by Bella Baby Company? $67.50 and I couldn't even find the shipping fee! 
   I needed something that would cover the girly fabric on my daughter's old seat and that wouldn't call my son's gender in question. (Before the car seat cover, people would stop and ask how old "she" was, even if Tater was in all blue)! I also wanted to use this car seat, instead of my "Winnie the Pooh"
one, because  it fits on my stroller ( I got the travel system when Princess was born). Also, Hubs and I have a very small, two door car. The girly Evenflo Seat fits better in the car than the "Winnie the Pooh" Graco SnugRide.
  The cover is so very soft, made from "Minky" fabric. It is super cute! And reasonably priced for such a product. The cover came with a hood cover and both were really easy to put on. Did I mention that the cover is washable? It also came with these snap on shoulder straps, that are reversible. All the stitching is tight, this cover is made to last! Tater loved sitting in his new seat cover and he looked good doing it!
Tater in his new, soft, masculine seat!
  This would make a great baby shower present or just a cute alternative to what is available in the
  Click link to see the latest from Sew Precious Baby!


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