Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Fun and Followers!

A lot has been going on this week, we just had a guest stay this weekend and now my twin sister is down from where she lives for a two week visit (she had a five hour train ride)!. I found out my cousin is having a boy! 
 We are also in a massive heat wave (as is most of our country). We are trying to stay cool, but, our HOA has an ordinance on how tall your pool is allowed to be. 
 Our local carnival came to town and we just had to go! Princess rode some rides and played some games. Her favorite was a dragon ride, she also enjoyed a slide, a fun house and the merry-go-round. She really wanted to ride the Ferris wheel, but it closed as it started to rain. All in all, we had an awesome time!
 Also, I am up to 90 GFC (Google Friend Connect) Followers! I am so excited, I can not believe how quickly I am gaining followers! Maybe we will have more participants the next time I have a Giveaway! (Look for another one soon)!


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