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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Supermarket Smarty!

Today, my twin and I went grocery shopping, before that though, my Supermarket Smarty showed up in the mail. I was so excited! It is a healthy grocery list organizer. The Supermarket Smarty is a dry erase, grocery list and nutritional guide. This would be a great tool for all you (extreme or not) COUPON CLIPPING Modern Mommys!  
 I am a bit compulsive about neatness and efficiency. And the Smarty helped me achieve that! Everything is organized by types of food: Dairy, Deli, Produce, etc. It has symbols for all sorts of things including nutritional value, whether it is Eco-friendly and if it is wise to have a coupon. There are blank spaces that you may write in. It has this neat lens on the front that you can use to read fine print. There is a pocket for coupons, or receipts or whatever you like. It also comes with a  dry erase meal planner. I love my Supermarket Smarty, it has all the bells and whistles!  
Supermarket Smarty opened up (I tried to get the glare to go away, but I did not succeed) 

 It is a wonderful way to stay organized and efficient, however, I have a few complaints. One, I felt that it was a bit pushy on all the healthy stuff (not everyone in my house is as health conscious as we would like them to be). Also, when I placed the Supermarket Smarty on my fridge, using the magnetic clip,  it kept sliding down....Not sure if the magnet was just weak or if it was the coating on my fridge or what. (Princess did discover, however, that it did stick quite well to the shopping cart)! So, I just placed it above that thing that tells you what brand your fridge is and that kept in place, LOL! 

The Supermarket Smarty on the refrigerator, along with Princess' chore chart.

 When you order, it comes with a dry erase marker and a handy clip that is both magnetic (so you can hang the Smarty right on your fridge) and store the marker in the same place.
 I plan on using mine every time I go shopping!
 The Supermarket Smarty is a great way for us Modern Mommys to stay organized! It is reasonably priced, at $9.99 (USD). Here is the link for the website. Also, Supermarket Smarty IS not available in stores, like The Container Store: http://www.supermarketsmarty.com/