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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chubby Bunny Baby Water/Swimming Sling

So, on this wet and rainy day in PA…..I bring you a new review! I received a ring sling from Amy, who has an awesome shop on www.Etsy.com.  Her shop, Chubby Bunny Baby Boutique, www.etsy.com/ChubbyBunnyBaby, has lots of options. From slings to taggie blankets to baby leg warmers! So cute and practical, too!
My sling is tye-dye, and oh-so-cute! I love the colors, it reminds me of water reflecting in the bottom of the pool. Very pretty!  
She sent me a sling meant for the water…perfect for summertime at the pool! It clung and held Tater very secure-ly in the pool and was a very breathable fabric when dry (which is very important in 90° humid PA weather). If you are new to “Baby Wearing” (as I am) then please consult someone who has done it before. Amy has and she also steered me to some videos from www.youtube.com/kiddecradles
However, I found these videos much more informative. (Since I needed to know how to put the sling on as well!) www.youtube.com/SnuggyBabyVideos
The ring sling works best when wet (since that is it’s intended purpose). The sling grips and stays in place much better when wet. 
Close up of Tater in the sling after swimming.
  Be sure to secure it (at all times) so that baby stays in place! Practice, Practice!  
Tater and I using the sling dry.
Tater loved being held in the sling, he was close to Mommy's heart ....and even better, when Mommy held something he wasn't allowed to have....He could reach it!
Tater and Mommy (doesn't he look content?)
It can’t get any more unique than a sling for baby that can go in the pool (or in a summer rain shower, Tater and I discovered). 
This is the most unique and innovative sling I have ever seen. I recommend to you, Dear Readers…That you hop over to The Chubby Bunny Baby Boutique (on Etsy.com) right away!


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