Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fiskars Ultra ShapeXpress!

When you think of Fiskars, what’s your first thought, Dear Readers? Scissors? Maybe Kitchen Knife sets?
Not anymore! They now have craft tools, children’s cutlery, scissors, composter and even a lawn mower! And much more!  012
They were gracious enough to send me a Fiskars Ultra ShapeXpress Starter Kit (available online for $44.00 USD). The kit includes: 
  • Ultra ShapeXpress
  • 2 Blades
  • 9"x12" Craft Mat
  • 4 - 8.5"x11" Shape Templates
  • 29 Shapes: Circles, Hearts, Squares, Stars
  • 4 Borders:Scallop, Deckle, Victorian, Colonial 
I love to scrapbook, and we do quite a bit of art/craft projects around here. The Ultra ShapeXpress has been useful in so many ways! From Princess’ art project to cutting out pictures for scrap booking, you can’t beat this cool invention. (Don’t worry, Princess is only allowed to use the tool under ADULT SUPERVISION. WARNING: The blades are EXTREMELY SHARP.) 
It was a little slippery on the photos, it needs to be adjusted according to what you are cutting. It worked great on computer paper, construction paper and even card stock!
You can use it either free hand or with the stencils. I would recommend starting with the stencils. It takes some practice to learn how to use it.
I love the kit because it has such variety. Templates with all sorts of shapes and edging/borders. It also had a mat so you don’t scratch the surface your working on (much to my husband and the coffee table’s relief)! The kit included two blades and, of course, the Ultra ShapeXpress itself. Extremely worth the money! Try to go to your local craft store and buy each piece individually for a total of $44.00!
I can’t wait to do more with my Fiskars Ultra ShapeXpress Starter Kit. I think I will do some more scrapbooking…No, maybe I will make some fall decorations… No, wait…Maybe I will make homemade Christmas cards! How many months until Christmas?
While you wait for me to make up my mind, please stop by the Fiskars website and check out The World’s # 1 Scissors Brand! They have scissors and so much more!
                        Modern Mommy


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