Thursday, September 29, 2011


Save me from the slobber! It’s everywhere! What’s that? A bird? A plane? St. Bernard puppy? 
Nope….It’s my drooling, teething baby, Tater!
sept 2011 019
Tater in his RockaByBaby Designs bib.
It’s Rock a By Baby Designs to the rescue! With a wonderful bib, burpcloth, washcloth and pacifier clip set!
sept 2011 015
The whole set: Bib, Burpcloth, Washcloth and Pacifier clip.
The set on one side (except the pacifier clip) is creamy colored, with a blue, green and brown sports theme. On the other side, the set (washcloth, bib and all) is a creamy minky fabric. If you have never felt minky…You are missing out! So luxuriously soft! (Can I have everything made in minky please? Jeans, sheets…Undergarments? Maybe my couch?) 

The set is great, all matching (again, with exception to the pacifier clip). This would make a wonderful baby shower gift, or just to have around! 

I was excited to have the pacifier clip, because it worked with a MAM. A lot of homemade pacifier clips don’t work with MAM’s. This one did, until it broke. The snap fell into several pieces. My hubby tried to put it back together, but, ultimately could not. 
sept 2011 017
Using his pacifier clip, before it broke.

Tater loves everything in this set, the bib, burpcloth and washcloth. I let him hold each one and he loves them! Probably because they are soft. I love them because they are cute, soft, washable and AFFORDABLE! The set is $15.50 (USD) plus shipping.
Baby shower coming up? If you are interested in owning some very cute, affordable bibs, burpcloths, washcloths or pacifier clips….Look no further than Rock a By Baby Designs!  


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