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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blender Bottle!

We anxiously awaited the arrival of our BlenderBottle®! It seemed like it took FOREVER! (It did not take any longer than usual, but, it sure felt that way). When it finally did come and FedEx pulled up, Princess and I made a quick dash from the neighbor’s house to ours…To open our BlenderBottle right away! 
Our BlenderBottle and accessories: Sling, Recipe book and BlenderBall.
The bottle we got is 28 oz., clear with purple text and BPA free. What makes the BlenderBottle unique is the BlenderBall®. It is literally a “wire whisk ball” made of surgical steel. (Which means it won’t ever rust or peel). We also received the AMAZING recipe book and a sling. 
The sling is insulated and very cute (Princess and I picked the polka dot sling). It would work well if you carried something in it that needed to be insulated..But, we have yet to experiment with it. For now, we just like to carry it around because it’s cute!
We have really enjoyed using the recipe book. It’s entitled 101 Quick and Easy BlenderBottle Recipes. We have been using this book like crazy! We’ve made the Bread Pudding, the Candy Bar Pie, French Toast and we even made whipped cream in it (a recipe not found in the book). I can’t wait to make waffles tomorrow, using the recipe found in the book. 
Princess adding raisins to the bread pudding.
Shake Up!
Shake Down!
Bread Pudding...YUMM!

The recipe book is color coded and is listed in sections: Breakfast, Sides and Appetizers, Main Dishes, Beverages, etc. It also features a cool and simple guide on how to use the BlenderBottle with the BlenderBall. Be sure to add your liquid ingredients first!  I loved how they explained the method for shaking the it. The explanation was in laymen’s terms and amusing. First method to master? The “traditional” method is “Up and Down”, Princess’ favorite move. The Hub’s fave? The more impressive and complex “Flick of the Wrist” method. Also, in the ingredients area, there are blue arrows that tell you exactly what goes into the bottle.
Modern Mommy and Princess (Ok, I am not a model, people)!
I may not be a model, but, this pie should be! It was Yummy!

The BlenderBottle is quickly becoming our go-to-gadget in the kitchen. It’s fun and easy to use and requires no batteries or an outlet! I bet it would be great camping or if there was a power outage. (And would make a wonderful option for all my “Green” Modern Mommys out there)! I also used the bottle to make formula for Tater….I didn’t have to stop once to shake out a clump. 
It even mixes formula!
The BlenderBottle, 101 Quick and Easy Recipes book and adorable insulated sling have been a great addition to our kitchen! I may never use a traditional blender again (I didn’t even know we had one until the other day…Must have been something the Hub’s had). Frequently, Princess is our resident shaker… This would be a spectacular way to get kids to help out in the kitchen. Do you have a picky eater? The school of thought is that if you involve your picky eater in the creation of the meal, the are more apt to eat it.
Need a quick breakfast for the kids before school? Try the 101 Flavors Yogurt Smoothie (aptly named because you could use whatever flavor you desire). The smoothie has only 3 ingredients: Milk, yogurt and protein powder (and I wouldn’t even add that)…Add ingredients,(and BlenderBall), Shake and Enjoy! 
Also, the BlenderBottle and accessories are extremely affordable! For one 28 oz. bottle, it’s $7.99 (USD) plus shipping! The recipe book, with 101 yummy recipes? $12.99….And that adorable and practical sling? Just $7.99. Can’t beat that!
My family and myself love our BlenderBottle and accessories (sling, recipe book) and will be enjoying them for a long, long time! If you want a  BlenderBottle too, be sure to check out the website. If your uncomfortable with ordering online, you can use the website to check out local stores that sell them as well. 
As always, Dear Readers, here is the link: http://www.blenderbottle.com/


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