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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bounce U

After attending a friend’s awesome party at Bounce U earlier this year, Princess just had to have one, too.
So we picked a theme, bought presents and an ensemble to match the décor.
It was Hello Kitty™ inspired. (Her outfit was a creation of LilTXCutie on Etsy.com). We bough the décor (napkins, tablecloths, and favors).
It was great…at first! Every one had a wonderful time bouncing. The time allowance was perfect, just enough to tire the kids, but, not so much that they were sleeping at the tables!

But….And it’s a big but! I had several issues with our party!  
  • We were on time to our party (we had several guests arrive early). I did not appreciate the phone call that my mother-in-law received before our event was scheduled to start, as we were en route.
  • However, I did have a discussion both over the phone, via e-mail and even when I arrived at the party...I wanted the decorations put out. Her balloon, tablecloth and plates, all money wasted because some one failed to put out our decor. Our Party Helper apologized, and I appreciate that. However, there were FOUR other people sitting down at the front desk that could have handled this task for him (since he was busy with our party).  

  • He also was not able to fill out the sheet that tells us who gave what gift.(A service that is included an mentioned in the party packages).  
  • We also NEVER got a souvenir t-shirt, yet another perk in our package, forgotten by Bounce U staff.
I was both (a little) pleased and (pretty darn) disappointed with our party. Overall, a fun time was had by all! The cake was delicious, our party helper was kind. I e-mailed them several times about the negative aspects of our party and had no response what so ever.
If you want to have a fun, bouncy party, check out Bounce U. Weigh the options carefully, though! (I know a few friends who had absolutely no problems with parties at our local Bounce U, so I ask…What Gives?) Make sure you get exactly what you pay for!  
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