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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tater Update!

(Sorry it’s a day late, but, I had to wait until Tater fell back to sleep to write this)!

Tater turned 8 months old yesterday (11/2/11)!

He also got his FIRST TOOTH! It’s just peeking through. It is a bittersweet moment! I am so excited that he’s getting teeth (Yay! New foods)!  
Isn't this tooth so cute?
I am also very sad, because each of his milestones are my last “baby” milestones. Tater is my last baby (I had a Tubal Ligation after having him via C-Section).  

It is a top tooth (is that unusual? My mother-in-law thought so). 

So, Good-bye sweet, gummy smile. Goodbye, my little toothless wonder. Hello, gnawing, biting stage. Hello, pearly whites and dentists!  

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